Specialising in Medicine Abroad

It is possible to specialise abroad in all medical and dental areas in several European and non-European countries.

The specialisation can be taken in several languages: English, German, Spanish, and Romanian.

In addition, the Study with Athena team will assist you if you wish to return to Italy from the second year onwards to continue your studies.

Our team will take care of the bureaucratic part, guaranteeing the passage to one of the three jointly agreed destinations.


– Food science  
– Paediatric dentistry  
– Plastic surgery  
– Cardiac surgery  
– Gynaecology and Obstetrics  
– Urology  
– Orthopaedics  
– Paediatrics  
– General surgery  
– Emergency Medicine  
– Anaesthesia and Resuscitation  
– Oral surgery  
– Acupuncture and reflexotherapy  
– Orthognathia  

– Pathological anatomy  
– Endocrinology and metabolic diseases
– Ophthalmology  
– Dermatology and Venereology  
– Microbiology and virology  
– Radiodiagnostics  
– Diseases of the respiratory system  
– Otolaryngology  
– Physical and rehabilitation medicine  
– Diseases of the cardiovascular system  
– Occupational Medicine  
– Sports medicine  
– Medical Oncology  
– Inspection of food of animal origin

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