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Study with Athena is dedicated to helping you obtain your teaching qualification, specialisation in support and legal qualification. With us, you will be able to receive what you want without long waits and worrying about the bureaucracy.
We also offer you the possibility of choosing whether to obtain this qualification in Italy or a foreign EU country, so it is valid in all European countries, including Italy.
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Obtaining 24 CFUs

The teaching qualification enables those who wish to become school teachers. A university degree alone is not always sufficient to achieve this and must be supplemented with a teaching qualification. The path differs depending on whether you want to become:

  • Preschool teachers
  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Upper secondary school teachers

To become a primary and pre-school teacher in Italy, a single-cycle degree in Primary Education Science or a teacher’s diploma in pedagogy before 2001 is sufficient. If, on the other hand, one wishes to teach in secondary school, a university degree is no longer sufficient. Still, according to Legislative Decree No 59 of 2017, it is necessary to pass a public competition for which one must meet the following requirements: a master’s degree and attaining 24 CFUs. .

The 24 CFU (University Educational Credits) must be obtained in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines, educational methodologies, and technologies. More specifically, the subject areas are as follows:

  • Pedagogy, special pedagogy and didactics of inclusion
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • General teaching methodologies and technologies

If these areas are already present in the curriculum, having them certified and recognised will be sufficient. Thus, the CFUs are real entry requirements that cannot be missing from the curriculum of those who want to embark on this path. Only after obtaining these university examinations will it be possible to enter the teaching profession. 
Finally, following the TAR ruling, those who have graduated from technical institutes are permitted to obtain a teaching qualification in primary and secondary schools to become computer science teachers. 
Study with Athena offers you the possibility of obtaining a teaching qualification and the recognition of 24 CFUs at our universities. In addition, there are Level I and Level II Master’s courses in e-learning aimed at all teachers and professionals who wish to broaden their skills in the field, with a mandatory in-person final examination. 
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Master’s degree TFA abroad

In recent years, new EU directives, in particular Directive 2005/36/EC, have been introduced to regulate the acquisition of 24 CFUs throughout the European Community. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a teaching qualification in one EU country, which is also valid in the rest of the EU territories. 
Given this, Study with Athena helps those who want to become teachers obtain this qualification, including the 24 CFUs, abroad with the universities we work with, such as in Spain or Romania. Our services will allow you not to worry about the bureaucratic part yourself. We will take care of the certification and recognition of credits so that they are also valid in Italy or any other EU country. 
The only requirements to follow this route with us are:

  • Being a citizen of the European Union
  • A qualification enables you to exercise your profession as a qualified teacher, attesting to comprehensive professional training.

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Enabling support graduates, ITP

The support qualification is a specialisation of the teaching qualification in teaching support activities. This specialisation allows one to become a teacher with the duty to support and follow in teaching students with special educational needs with learning disabilities in line with Decree 249/2010. The route to be followed differs slightly from the standard route: to obtain the support qualification, it is necessary to attend dedicated courses at universities.
In Italy, to become a support teacher, it is necessary, in addition to obtaining a specialisation qualification for support, to hold a teaching qualification OR a suitable master’s degree and 24 CFU in socio-psycho-pedagogical subjects.
Abroad, on the other hand, one has the possibility of obtaining such a licence, considerably reducing the time and difficulty of Italian practices. Study with Athena allows you to easily and quickly obtain your specialisation at universities in EU countries so that it is subsequently recognised in Italy (or any other EU country).
Our agency will ensure that you obtain comprehensive didactic training, providing you with all the knowledge of the areas required with the appropriate awareness to become a Support Teacher.
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Qualification as a lawyer

Licensing to practise as a lawyer is fundamental but, simultaneously, the most feared requirement for all those who dream of becoming lawyers in their professional life. In Italy, after completing the traineeship and obtaining the relevant certification, the aspiring lawyer must sit the examination for qualification as a lawyer.
This examination consists of three written tests and an oral test, and only after passing all four tests will the candidate obtain a certificate of competence and be able to register with the Bar Association. The three written tests are devoted to an opinion in civil law, an opinion in criminal law and the report of a judicial act in civil, criminal or administrative law. 
Study with Athena allows you to pursue your legal qualification abroad, thus avoiding the length and Byzantinisms of the Italian qualification process.
The requirements for taking the licence examination abroad are:

  • Italian degree in law
  • Certificate of equivalence issued by the Ministry of Education of the foreign country to validate the Italian degree
  • Certificate of legal practice obtained following the completion of the internship in Italy

If you meet these requirements, you can proceed to book and take the exam in the foreign country of your choice. For this examination to be recognised under current EU regulations, it will be sufficient to register in the dedicated section of the bar register in the place where you wish to take the qualification. 
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